Family firm

GRUND Company was established twenty five years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Grund, and their sons Jan and Jiří entered the firm two years after its establishment. To these days the company still remains in the hands of the Grunds and the family members take active part in managing the company. The company strategy is long term return of investments and assurance of economic stability of the company as a reliable business partner for the customers worldwide. This long term effort was awarded in 2013 with the title Vodafone Business of the Year 2013, excelling in competition of more than three thousand Czech companies.

GRUND a.s. Business of the Year 2013

GRUND a.s. won the 8th annual national survey Vodafone Business of the Year 2013. It succeeded in the competition of 3,116 Czech companies.

GRUND a.s. Business of the Year 2013

Technology & innovations

GRUND Company has been striving to be the industry leader in innovation since it was founded. Twenty years ago we were the first to introduce the super fine lustrous polyacrylic yarn Supersoft. Ten years ago we were the first in Europe to introduce a collection of world famous designer Luigi Colani. Five years ago we were the first to start using computer controlled automatic tufting technology which allows production of patterns that the majority of our competitors still cannot produce today. This year we will introduce a unique 3D designs tufting technology for relief patterns which will grant our products unique position on the world market. We intensely work on development of intelligent flooring textile which will be introduced in near future.


Design represents an inseparable part of GRUND´s strategy since the very beginning. The company employs a designer team who design for individual customers in various countries tailor made collections adapted to match their requirements. GRUND Company has been for long time cooperating with famous designers in the fashion industry, such as Osmani Laffita or Blanka Matragi, or from industrial design, such as Luigi Colani. The goal of this cooperation is elevation of our product to the level of an artistic object and bringing joy to our customers, let them illuminate their living space with an unusual design. That is what makes our company different from a flood of similar products on the market, where our products are distinct at the first sight.


GRUND is one of few manufacturers who make for their product the vital input material, in our case the polyacrylic yarn. In our spinning shop we see to the fact that the yarn would be of the right color and fineness. We control the production process from the very beginning, throughout the operation, where bathmats are born on tufting machines, they are coated by quality latex or hot melt, as far as its final stage, where bathmats are packed as per customer specification. At every of these production stages we monitor quality and we are able to react promptly to the customer requirements with respect to delivery terms, production volumes, and the final quality. Where others are idly waiting for months for shipments from Asia only to find surprises in the delivered containers, we guarantee delivery dates due to modern production management methods and due to personal engagement of our long term experienced employees.


In a more than 25 year history of the firm we have had over twenty million satisfied customers. More than 93% of the production is exported to 43 countries worldwide, including the most demanding markets, such as Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, South Korea, China and UAE. In Germany the company operates a network of 80 its brand stores in the retail chain Kaufhof, where we ourselves sell the best of our assortment of products. Besides retail stores and home textile and carpet stores, our products are also sold by dozens internet retailers worldwide. We consider every our customer a member of our extended family which is reflected in the care we provide to them.

Distribution network

Besides dozens on-line retailers and hundreds of retail locations in retail networks worldwide Grund has been running eighty own brand stores in the stores of Kaufhof retail stores. The staff of these stores was trained right in our production plant and so the customers in the largest German cities have the opportunity to buy the widest assortment of our products and be informed in the greatest detail on individual products.

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