Luigi Colani

A visionary, globetrotter and first of all an extravagant designer. There is no discipline Colani has not touched during his career. He has designed a number of interesting cars, planes, trains, motorcycles and also urban concepts of the future.

He has worked with many prestigious firms, such as ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, VW, BMW, BOEING and also NASA. He designs cars, trains, ships, furniture… He won most of his success on the commercial market as designer of shoes, glass, porcelain and glasses.

How comes it was the grand Luigi Colani himself who has designed a collection of bathmats for a well known Czech manufacturer GRUND of Mlade Buky near the town of Trutnov? The answer to this question is “simple”. Jiri Grund jr. picked up his phone, dialed the number and spoke with the creator himself. He did not hesitate, introduced the company, its position in European market and addressed the artist directly if he could design for Grund a new, unique collection. The courage and “healthy nerve” made the first meeting possible between Grund Company and the designer Luigi Colani. Grund Company introduced its first collection of COLANI bathmats at the exposition Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 2006, and later that year the line COLANI was released in retail stores. The collection is filled with organic formations, colors, extravagance and originality.

Luigi Colani


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