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Yarn production

The basic material for making of yarn is a polyacrylic combed sliver. The yarn that we pick ourselves is colorfast. Due to mixing even the combed slivers we can offer our customers a wide range of shades of colors. We ourselves control the process of transformation from fine fibers of the acrylic combed sliver into fluffy yarn. The combed sliver passes several processes, the yarn is cleaned, a spin is made on it and steam is used to gain volume. Due to our long term experience we control the quality of the final product much better then we used to when the yarn was imported.

Julie Blažejová Julie Blažejová

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Mat drawing

The first technological step in manufacturing of GRUND mat is graphics of a new design – in case of manual production it is drawing the design on the support nonwoven fabric using templates, computer drawn digital shapes are prepared for machine production. Both complicated preparations are in hands of our experienced graphic designers.

Hana Hermanová Hana Hermanová

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Mat sewing

We sew the mats using two technologies. One of them is manual sewing machines. The second, modern technology, is computer controlled tufting machines. Seamstresses sew the mat according to model to desired hair height and color. For production of more complex designs we use the abilities of our computer controlled tufting machines.

Eva Jelínková Eva Jelínková

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Mat coating

In order to enhance safety of the customers, the bathmat is fitted with an antislip coating which also fixes the yarn in the base material. We use two coating lines for manual and line production. The bottom part of the bathmat is coated with material we developed. The material is washing machine resistant and it is suitable for use on bathmats on heated floors to which it does not stick.

Michal Prokýšek Michal Prokýšek

Mat edge seaming--1 Mat edge seaming--2
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Mat edge seaming

The last functional and aesthetical step in bathmat production is the edge seam. The mats´ edges are seamed with yarn of the same color and it supports the look of the bathmat.

Eva Kolbeová Eva Kolbeová

Mat packing--1 Mat packing--2 Mat packing--3
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Mat packing

All bathmats are labeled and carefully packed. After the quality inspection the bathmats are sent to our purchasers to finally find use in homes of our customers worldwide.

Veronika Turková Veronika Turková

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